You have been summoned along with some other people late at night to the home of one of the village elders, Silas Gault. After apologizing for the lateness of the hour, and asking about your families, he ushers you into his study.
There as you sip mulled wine and nibble on cake Silas tells you of a 5th millienum Cleric, Saint Janus. Janus was a follower of one of the old gods, Shanrae, Lady of Wisdom and Knowledge. After a life of adventuring mostly on Korlan’s main continent of Korlanna, Janus retired to serve as Grand High Priestess. Stepping down after 15 years she moved to your continent of Valnara, and founded a small monastery. There she lived till she passed away. The monastery survived her for about 400 years before being abandoned.
Silas informs you that over time the Montastery and its location were forgotten. However, he has after years of research believes he knows the location. The Nearby Spiderleaf Woods.
Silas asks you and the others to go to the old monastery and locate Saint Janus’s Journal, and Holy Symbol. He offers 500 crowns (gp.) For the pair as a reward.
The task seems easy enough except for one thing. Making it through the Spiderleaf Woods alive.

Shadows Unbound

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